Estate Planning And Business Law In Napa Valley And Beyond

Q: My child will be 18 soon, but I do not feel like he is ready to manage an inheritance well if my spouse and I pass unexpectedly in the near future. How can this be addressed in our estate plan?

A: This is a common concern and it can be addressed well with proper estate planning. When you and your spouse create a trust, you will choose at what age or ages your child will receive the assets of the trust after you have passed away. You will also nominate a...

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Q: If my previous estate planning attorney is now retired, can I have a different attorney take over my file and make updates to my documents?

A: Absolutely! This is a very common scenario, and most attorneys have a specific workflow and process designed for that exact situation. In fact, even if a particular attorney is still practicing, an client always has the right to switch attorneys at any time if they...

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