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Q & A about inheriting property

For many, it sounds like a dream come true. A long-lost uncle with no other heirs passes away, only to leave a magnificent beachfront property to you. While nearly everyone would love to inherit a dream home after a relative or close friend dies, the reality is there's a lot of legal action that is required after you inherit property. 

Managing sudden wealth: Preparing your heirs to inherit

The Williams Group conducted a 20-year study of high wealth families to review the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. The study found 70 percent of families lost their wealth by the second generation and 90 percent by the third. Surprisingly, the failure to hold onto the wealth did not occur during the transfer, but rather afterwards when heirs were unable to keep the money.

A brief overview on the duties of a trustee

Being named the trustee of a loved one's estate is an enormous responsibility and an incredible honor. When asked, you were happy to oblige, agreeing to follow their wishes without hesitation. You signed on the dotted line and felt a sense of pride, because you knew they were leaving their estate in capable hands.

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