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Rose Law Firm of Napa Valley, Inc.

Launch Your Business On A Solid Foundation

Open BusinessNapa Valley is full of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, from tourism to restaurants and many other industries. No matter what product you're making or service you're providing, we can help you formally launch your business and keep it in good standing in the eyes of California and U.S. law.

A Legal Subscription For Long-Term Business Needs

Most smaller companies — especially those that are just starting out — don't have the budget to have in-house legal counsel on staff, even though every business stands to benefit from fast, knowledgeable advice from a lawyer they trust.

To help fill this need, Rose Law Firm of Napa Valley, Inc. offers a "subscription service" for businesses seeking legal advice regularly as they grow. In effect, we'll be your in-house counsel on a part-time basis. Even long after the formation stage of your business, we can help draft and review contracts, leases, and other legal documents that will help your company run smoothly. Business Advice

Rather than having to guess how much the hourly rates of a la carte legal services will add up to, with our subscription service you can count on a fixed, flat monthly fee based on your specific needs that will make long-term budget planning easy.

Superior Legal Support For Your Business Needs

Rose Law Firm of Napa Valley, Inc. is committed to helping clients manage their estates and businesses with confidence and ease. The firm concentrates its practice in estate planning, probate and trust administration, business and corporate law, and real estate and title transactions.

To learn first-hand how Rose Law Firm of Napa Valley, Inc. can help you with your legal needs, contact us online or call us at 707-681-5373 and schedule an initial consultation in our office.

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