Protecting Your Wishes With Wills And Trusts

Rose Law Firm of Napa Valley, Inc. can help you establish wills, trusts, and other forms of estate management to help ensure that your assets go to the appropriate parties after you are gone. A qualified lawyer can help you navigate California’s laws and answer all of your estate planning questions.

We listen, guide and develop a customized plan that best fits you and your family’s specific needs in the event of your death or incapacity. We offer comprehensive estate plan packages on a flat-fee basis that include at least a will (or a living trust with a pour-over will), an advance health care directive and a financial power of attorney. Contact us to request a copy of our estate plan brochure to learn more about each package and pricing.

Incapacity Planning For Unexpected Circumstances

Estate planning is useful for managing your estate after death, but it can also be used to make important decisions in advance of sudden accidents and medical conditions that diminish your decision-making abilities even while you are still alive.

In addition to assisting you with the future management of your assets, we can help you craft a financial power of attorney, which appoints an individual to immediately step in and manage your financial affairs in case of your incapacity, and a health care directive, which spells out your medical preferences in the event that you are unexpectedly unable to make or express these decisions in the moment.

  • Financial Power of Attorney: Name a person you trust to make financial decisions on your behalf in moments when you cannot do so yourself.
  • With a health care directive, you can make a number of decisions in advance — for instance, whether or for how long you would prefer to remain on life support in situations in which your health is not expected to improve. These decisions are not easy, but you can save your family much stress by making them today so that they don’t have to guess or take on that burden in a moment of crisis.
  • HIPAA Waiver: Give doctors and other medical institutions the permission to share your medical information with your loved ones.
  • Trusts can be set up to allow your chosen successor trustee to begin managing assets as soon as you become incapacitated.

Superior Legal Support For Your Estate Planning Needs

Rose Law Firm of Napa Valley, Inc. is here to help local residents manage their estates and businesses with confidence and ease. The firm concentrates its practice in estate planning, probate and trust administration, business and corporate law, and real estate and title transactions.

To learn first-hand how Rose Law Firm of Napa Valley, Inc. can help you with your legal needs, contact us online or call us at 707-681-5851 and schedule an initial consultation in our office.