Dedicated Real Estate Support In Napa Valley

Rose Law Firm of Napa Valley, Inc. provides sellers, buyers, businesses, individuals, realtors, and property management companies with real estate and title transaction services. Whether in the residential or commercial context, we offer you complex contractual support and we help you negotiate and draft agreements, leases and deeds.

Commercial lease

Title Transfers And Other Services

Properly and accurately taking or transferring title, and understanding the consequences thereof, is of paramount importance in California’s expensive real estate market. We consider your unique situation and guide you to the most beneficial way to hold title given the potential impact with respect to property taxes, capital gains, and transfer of title upon the death of an owner.

Deed Record

We also help you address a wide range of title defects with a lawyer’s guidance, from deeds containing ambiguous language to deeds that are vested in a way that do not serve your best interests. Even a minor title defect can lead to complications and financial losses, such as limiting your ability to sell your property or having trouble securing financing and/or title insurance, if it is not effectively resolved. Regardless of the particulars of the situation, we work with real estate agents, lenders, title companies and the county assessor to expeditiously and effectively assist you in taking the steps necessary to resolve the matter.

Superior Legal Support For Your Real Estate and Title Needs

Rose Law Firm of Napa Valley, Inc. is honored to be a local law firm that is committed to helping Napa Valley’s residents manage their estates and businesses with confidence and ease. The firm concentrates its practice in estate planning, probate and trust administration, business and corporate law, and real estate and title transactions.

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