Q: Why not just prepare a will or trust on LegalZoom?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Estate Planning, Q&A, Trust And Estate Administration |

A: There may be times in life when it is appropriate to go with the cheapest option, and estate planning should not be one of them. Most of our clients tell us that one of the things they value the most is the peace of mind in knowing that their documents have all been created correctly and validly by a knowledgeable professional. Moreover, clients appreciate the relationship, succession, and continuity that comes with knowing that the same attorney will likely be around to assist their own children in administering the trust in the event the clients pass away. Not only will LegalZoom be extraordinarily ineffective in helping to administer the estate plan when the time comes, but the clients will never have the peace of mind in knowing that all of the details are laid out properly and done the right way; quite the contrary, it is only after the clients pass away that the children discover the frightening and irreversible surprises that so frequently occur to those inheriting by way of a “D-I-Y” estate plan.

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