Q: I transferred title to my current home to my trust when my trust was created. I am now selling my home and and am purchasing a new one. How should I take title to my new home?

by | May 24, 2023 | Estate Planning, Q&A, Title and Deeds |

A: You should take title to your new home in the same way that you hold title to your current home – as trustee of your trust. This will ensure that your new home is a trust asset and that it is not at risk of going through probate to be administered after your death. Your estate plan includes a document called a Certification of Trust, which specifies exactly how title to your assets should be held by you as trustee of your trust. You can provide the Certification of Trust to your realtor to be used during your home purchase, and you can also use it any time that you acquire a new asset in the future so that the new asset is titled properly in your trust.