Estate Planning And Business Law In Napa Valley And Beyond

Q: My late father owned a duplex as a joint tenant with his sister when he died. We also found his will, which stated he left all of his assets to me and my sister. Who will end up owning the duplex?

A: Unfortunately, your aunt now owns that duplex. By operation of law, when your father died, the surviving joint tenant automatically owned the entire duplex, which meant that the will had no legal effect over the disposition of your father's interest in the duplex....

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Q: I think I am having mixed feelings about taking compensation for acting as executor of my dad’s will. Am I required to receive the statutory compensation?

A: You are not required to accept compensation for acting as an executor. Oftentimes an executor may not want to take compensation to appease other siblings or to not have the compensation be taxable income (the inheritance is tax-free but the compensation must be...

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